ToGather makes it easy to capture and share in the time spend apart from your loved ones.

Gather a group of friends & family on WhatsApp
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Page of this website with a topic
Get a nostalgic, creative, fun or challenging topics to share with your group
Create , capture, write, photograph and share with your group.
Chat of an WhatsApp group
Come back each day for another new topic to share with your group. Keep this up until you're ready to share all of the stories, photographs and messages with your loved one. ToGather lets you create a personalised diary for them from your WhatsApp group.
Togather will help you, every week or every couple of days, to create a personalized diary from your WhatsApp group chat to share with your loved one.
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To start create a group in Whatsapp with all the people that want to contribute to this diary. Let everyone know what this group is about. You can use our example:
“Hi everyone, this group is a place where we can share things we would like to capture for [INSERT NAME] in a diary. Every day we will post a topic for inspiration what to message about today. If you have an idea for a topic feel free to share this. Also, if you just have something you want to share for the diary unrelated to the topic please do! As an opening of this group it would be nice to introduce everyone who is part of this, so post a picture of yourself, who you are to [INSERT NAME], and a short personal message for them.“