Getting Started

Open WhatsApp and create a group with all the people that want to contribute to the diary.
Let everyone know what this group is about and who the diary is for. You can use our example:
“Hi everyone, this group is a place where we can share things we would like to capture for [INSERT NAME] in a diary. Every day we will post a topic for inspiration what to message about today. If you have an idea for a topic feel free to share this. Also, if you just have something you want to share for the diary unrelated to the topic please do! As an opening of this group it would be nice to introduce everyone who is part of this, so post a picture of yourself, who you are to [INSERT NAME], and a short personal message for them.“

To-do Daily

Visit ToGather each day to receive a new topic or activity for your group.
We've got lots of topics and activities to keep you and your group busy, or you can create your own. Just share them in your WhatsApp group as a message or photo and encourage the others to respond.
TIP: make it easy to find your own topics in the end by starting the message with the words “today’s topic is...”
Everyone should share their responses in the WhatsApp group.
Repeat these steps every day to keep the diary entries going.

Assembling the diary

TIP: We recommend to do this weekly, or even daily, so WhatsApp can export all your messages and so you have something to share more often.
To turn your WhatsApp group chat into a diary follow these simple steps:
1. Export the group chat (including media) and save it on your device or cloud storage (e.g. Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox).
TIP: Anyone from the WhatsApp group can do this, so ask for help if you are having difficulties.
TIP II: If you find there are messages or media missing after having exported a chat, this is likely due to the limit of WhatsApp on export file size. In this case, export the chat WIHTOUT media, and retrieve the media seperately from your phone, or download them via web.WhatsApp on your computer.
2. Visit the Togather 'Assemble Diary' page and upload your exported group chat. (all of the media and the `chat.txt` file that you saved in the previous step)
TIP: Don’t worry, your personal messages and media files are not actually being uploaded anywhere. Everything is happening locally on your device – we don’t collect any personal data. This ensures your conversations stay private and you have full control over who you want to share your diary with.
3. Personalise the diary by adding your loved one's name to the front cover.
4. Check the names of all the contributors. We will show you a list of the names we found in your group. You can edit the names you'll see in the diary (e.g first names only).
5. Review the topics we found in the group chat. If there are topics missing you can add them from your messages or type them in.
6. For each topic you will be asked to select which responses you want to add to the diary for that day.
TIP: Don’t worry if there is a day you didn’t submit anything, everyone deserves a rest, we will skip over those days and the dates will keep counting on.
7. When you have done this for each day you want in the diary, click the 'finish' button. All of your messages will be placed in a template and your diary will be ready for you to download. You can print and/or forward it to share the diary with your family, friends and loved ones.